Flowmeter MM SPFA Details



Designed for use with medium pressure and temperature applications. Pelton Wheel flowmeter with 316 stainless steel body, providing a pulse output. 1/2" to 6" for pressures up to 40 bar and temperatures to 70°C. 120bar option.


Connections suitable for threaded connection up to MM30 (1/2" to 1 1/4")and between flanges for larger sizes. 

  • 1 to 65 l/min up to 10 to 500 litres/minute, (up to 300 to 5500 l/min by special order).
  • ±2% reading - linearity. 
  • ±0.2% repeatability over top 90% of range.
  • Wetted parts:
    • Viton/FPM O ring seal,
    • PFA rotor,
    • 316SS body,
    • Stainless steel internals
    • Sapphire bearings
  • NPN open collector output, PNP or TTL option, 4-way M12 sensor connector. Intrinsically Safe option.
  • All PVC version with no metal wetted parts available.
  • Lower flow rate versions available.



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