Litre Meter Press Release

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Litre Meter has launched the next logical step in its LF flowmeter series. It is more compact and capable of measuring even lower flow rates.

Now in full production, the new flowmeter is the much anticipated LF03. It is the latest in a series of low-flow VFF rotary piston meters and takes the capability of the range down to lower flows than ever before – for example, on a fluid with a viscosity of 10 cSt the LF03 will measure down to 0.06 litres/hour at pressures of 1 bar right up to 4,000 bar.

Manufactured from titanium with a maximum tolerance of three microns, the rotor and chamber combination achieves the lowest flow and widest turndown possible. Chambers and rotors are physical vapour deposition (PVD) coated with a hard metal chromium nitride base layer for hardness and support for a carbon (WC/C) coating. The WC/C coating delivers robust protection against adhesive wear and its low coefficient of friction reduces the risk of surface pitting and corrosion, vastly improving turndown and low flow capability.

Litre Meter CEO Charles Wemyss said: “Litre Meter’s VFF flowmeter is ideally suited for use in the oil and gas industry and in particular for low flow/high pressure applications.

“The new LF03 allows us to deliver ultra-low flow measurement. It comes in the same module size as the rest of the LF sub-range so it can easily replace either the LF05 or LF15 without having to break pipe connections in order to reduce costs and keep skid downtime and labour to a minimum.”

The new LF03 will be available to view on the Litre Meter stand at Offshore Europe in Aberdeen.