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Ritter MCG meter.jpgUK custom flow meter manufacturer and distributor Litre Meter ( has supplied eight MilliGascounter (MGC) flow meters to Cranfield University (

The patented volumetric MGC gas flowmeter from Ritter ( is designed to measure small amounts of gas at ultra-low flow rates. With an accuracy of +/- 3 per cent the meters can measure flow rates of all clean gases (including corrosive gases) from 1 ml/hr to 1 litre/hr at input pressures of between 5 and 100 millibar.

These meters are being used by researchers at Cranfield to measure the flow rate and total volume of biogas production in sludge anaerobic digesters of around 0.5 to one litre capacity which are placed in a warming water bath in laboratory conditions.

The meters were selected because they need to be flexible enough to be used in larger volume digesters if necessary.

Each MilliGascounter meter can be supplied with an LCD display or with Rigamo data acquisition software and the necessary digital input modules (DIM) and cables to connect the unit to the USB port of a computer.

The gas to be measured flows into the meter via the gas inlet nozzle through the micro capillary tube located at its base and up into the liquid casing, which is filled with a packing liquid. The gas rises as small gas bubbles through the packing liquid into one of two measurement chambers.

When a measuring chamber is filled the buoyancy of the filled chamber causes the measurement cell to tip over so that the second measuring chamber begins to fill and the first empties. The measurement of gas volume therefore occurs by counting the tilts of the measurement cell.

The tilting of the measurement cell creates a pulse via magnetic sensors on top of the chambers which is registered by a counter unit. The measured gas escapes through the gas outlet nozzle.

Litre Meter CEO Charles Wemyss explained: ?These volumetric gas flow meters can be used for measuring the volume of highly aggressive flowing gases with laboratory precision.

?As a Ritter distributor, Litre Meter was approached to use its expertise to provide advice on the suitability of Ritter MGC flow meters for measuring biogas in a laboratory situation and the supply of the necessary software and accessories.

?Litre Meter was able to deliver the appropriate meters and assist the customer by supplying a single meter for test purposes in the first instance prior to fulfilling the whole order.?