Litre Meter Press Release

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JSM VFF Chevron.jpgCustom flow meter manufacturer and distributor Litre Meter is supplying its largest ever order of highly customized VFF positive displacement flow meters to Mustang ( ? part of the Wood Group (

The meters will be used on a skid designed for the Chevron operated Jack and St. Malo floating semi-submersible facility, which will be located in approximately 2,100 metres (7,000 feet) of water in the Walker Ridge area of the Gulf of Mexico.

The meters are designed to measure a range of chemicals including demulsifier, defoamer, scale inhibitor, water clarifier, corrosion inhibitors and methanol. The VFF flowmeters measure the flow of chemicals to an accuracy of 0.5 per cent, making it possible to control their use to a very high tolerance.

Specifications for the 88 highly customised units include five of Litre Meter?s six degrees of customisation. Litre Meter chairman Charles Wemyss said: ?These meters include special connections, special materials and special flow range. The meters will be required to function at high pressure and will also use bespoke communications.

The only standard parts on these meters will be the rotors and the sensors.

Each meter features a Grayloc connection which seals through the elastic action of a reusable metal ring and is lighter and stronger than a flange. It saves on weight and space and also costs less to maintain than flange connections.

The meters have been manufactured from corrosion resistant Duplex stainless steel and have a physical vapour deposition (pvd) coating designed to improve their flow range.

Operating at high pressures of up to 1,035 bar the meters will use the HART industrial field communication protocol. HART is a global standard for smart process instrumentation and is reliable and easy to use.

The display will be supplied in FM flame proof Exd stainless steel housings.

Exd certification means that the flow meter instrumentation is housed in an explosion proof casing designed to prevent the resultant expansion gases from being expelled into the external atmosphere. These meters are fitted with a new sensor combining the design of Litre Meter?s traditional intrinsically safe externals and the internals from its popular VFF flowmeter.

Litre Meter chairman Charles Wemyss said: "Litre Meter was chosen because it was able to supply the correct combination of high pressure meter design, enhanced longevity, low flow ability and stainless steel Exd housing with US approvals."

Since then the Fpod has been replaced by the FlowPod, lighter weight, more versatile and better specification.