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A post-doctoral research associate from the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute, University of Wyoming (, has won an iPad for taking part in a survey organised by UK flowmeter specialist Litre Meter ( Haifeng Jiang completed a readership survey published by Litre Meter in its recent email newsletter. As a result, his name was drawn at random from participants to receive an Apple iPad.

Dr Jiang has been a research associate at the University of Wyoming since 2008. Prior to that he was a part-time lecturer in the School of Adult Education at the North East Petroleum University, Daqing, China. He said: ?I?m glad that I could help with the survey and even happier that I won the prize.?

Dr Jiang?s areas of expertise include enhanced oil recovery by CO2 gas and surfactant injection, chemical flooding, compound flooding and low salinity water flooding technologies.

As part of his research Dr Jiang has co-written a number of academic papers on topics including recovery and oil displacement efficiency and the effect of salinity of injection brine on water alternating gas performance in tertiary miscible CO2 flooding.

Commenting on Haifeng Jiang?s win Charles Wemyss of Litre Meter said: ?Recently, we developed a professional reading survey for our email newsletter to find out what our customers and engineers in the oil and gas and process engineering industries read.

?To encourage participation we organised a prize draw for an Apple iPad. The response was good and the feedback was useful.

?When we conducted the draw Dr Jiang?s name was first ?out of the hat? and we are delighted to be able to offer him an iPad.?

Litre Meter is planning to carry out another professional readership survey in its May newsletter.