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The Max-Trak 180 mass flow meter from the Sierra Instruments range distributed by Litre Meter ( has been selected by Orval Brewery ( to help it get exactly the right amount of head on its famous Trappiste beers.

The Max Trak 180 was selected because it allows precise accuracy and repeatability, remote monitoring and offers rugged wash down protection. The Sierra Max Trak 180 already has a proven track record in the brewing industry as it is used by Heineken (, Europe’s largest brewers.

Orval beer productionSierra’s Max Trak 180 mass flow meter was chosen because it is robust enough to work in factory conditions but allows accurate measurement and control of air and gas. It is being used by Orval to precisely measure the injection of nitrogen into its beer to create the perfect head. In addition, the brewery is making use of the meter’s Dial-A-Gas® capability to achieve optimum aeration during fermentation, making it integral to the brewing process.

Sierra’s state-of-the-art Dial-A-Gas® uses an internal microprocessor which is pre-programmed with ten gases that are commonly used in biotech, pharmaceutical, analytical and research applications – others gases can be substituted to customise the flowmeter for specialist applications. This technology allows the instrument to be used for multiple applications, creating great flexibility as well as helping to reduce spares inventory.

Litre Meter, a leading manufacturer and supplier of custom flow meters, is the UK distributor for the Sierra Instruments range of flow meters. As with Litre Meter’s own range of custom flow meters, Sierra Instruments’ range is designed to operate accurately in many applications in the food and beverage processing industry.

In applications like beverage processing where frequent wash-down/hose-down is required, Max-Trak outperforms the competition as it conforms to the rigorous requirements of NEMA 6 and IP67. Reliability and instrument stability result from an inherently linear design, advanced platinum sensor technology and a valve that accepts variations in process conditions.

Max-Trak controls gas mass flow from 10 to 1000 standard litres per minute. It has a repeatability of +/-0.2 per cent which ensures a stable process even under changing conditions. Its direct valve design means that operation at low differential pressures is possible.