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An administrator at UK flowmeter specialist Litre Meter ( has been selected to join the England Down the Line (DTL) clay pigeon shooting team.

CarolineCaroline Stanbrook, who has been shooting for just three years, was selected as a member of the England DTL squad and competed recently at the Home International in Scotland.

She narrowly missed out on selection last year by just three points. Caroline said: “It was great to be selected this time around. You have to shoot really really well to get into the squad.

“It is very tight between getting selected and missing out on a place.”

Caroline’s son Steven missed out on an England place by just two points at selection weekends held in Yorkshire and Northumberland. Caroline said: “Shooters get three points for hitting the target with their first cartridge and two points if they hit it with their second cartridge, so that shows how close Steven was to getting a place in the team.”

In DTL the ground layout consists of five shooting positions (pegs) in a 16-yard arc from a single trap house. The targets are fixed in terms of speed and elevation but are variable from side to side to a maximum of 22.5 degrees either side. A round usually consists of 25 targets for each competitor fired away from the shooter to fly 50-55 yards.

Each competitor must shoot at five clay targets from each of the five pegs. Shooting alternately each competitor shoots at the five targets before moving 'down the line' to the next position on their right. The shooter calls for each target and has two shots to break the target. Three points are awarded for a first barrel kill and two for a second barrel kill.

A perfect score would be all 25 kills being made with the first barrel thus 75 points would be awarded. This is usually abbreviated to 25/75. It is possible to win a competition by breaking fewer clays than other competitors. Two first barrel kills is the equivalent of three second barrel kills.

Caroline travels up and down the country to compete in what is a high pressure sport. She said: “DTL is a concentration game. You have five different people shooting at the same time so you have to focus on what you’re doing.

“If one clay gets away you need to quickly focus on the next one so you don’t drop too many points. It’s not just about picking up a gun and having a laugh.”

Litre Meter chairman Charles Wemyss said: “I am delighted that Caroline has been so successful with her shooting in such a short time. Everyone at Litre Meter wishes her the best of luck.”