Ritter Apparatebau have been successfully working in the laboratory supply field for over 50 years. Among other products, Ritter manufactures gas flow meters made out of various superior plastics, which are unique to the flow meter industry. These meters can be used for measuring the volume of highly aggressive flowing gases with laboratory precision and as flow measurement equipment, few systems can match the data quality and the level of accuracy produced by the sensors. The information provided in the table below should offer support for those in the process of finding a new flow meter product.

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Ritter Volumetric Gas Flow Meters
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TG Series
TG Series

RITTER wet-test (drum-type) gas flow meters are used universally to measure and record gas volume. From 1 to 18,000 litres/hour. Laboratory precision. For smaller flows see the MGC below.

  • Accuracy: 0.2% of reading
  • Flow Range: 1-30 l/hour to 100-18,000 l/hour

  • Gas: All clean gases including corrosives and reactives.
  • Plastic casing: 50 mbar max
  • SS casing: 500 mbar max
  • Ordinary tap water is a suitable packing fluid for most gases. Other fluids available

No power supply required. EDU32 instrument available - see Instrumentation tab

Pulse output option. Computer monitoring option.

  • Highest accuracy
  • Most durable construction available
  • Lowest measurable flows
  • Largest selection of measuring ranges
  • No maintenance

MGC MilliGas Counter
MilliGas Counter

The patented MilliGascounter is designed for the measurement of small amounts of gas with ultra-low flow rates. Volumetrically, our smallest flow range.

  • Gas: All clean gases including corrosives and reactives.
  • 100 mbar max (5 mbar min)
  • Ordinary tap water not suitable with MGC. Packing liquid: Silicone oil "Silox" or weak HCl

6 digit totaliser - battery powered. EDU32 instrument available - see Instrumentation tab

Pulse output option.

  • digital counter with programmed calibration factor
  • battery operated; battery life-time 4-5 years
  • low-maintenance

BG Bellows Gas Meter
BG Bellows Gas Meter

RITTER bellows-type gas meters are applicable for measuring the volume of flowing inert and dry gases and are particularly effective at high gas flows.

  • Accuracy: 2% of reading
  • Flow Range: From 40 l/hr to 160m/hr

  • Gas: All inert and dry gases.
  • 50/300/500 mbar max (5 mbar min)

8 digit totaliser, no power required. Resettable roller counter option.

Pulse output option.

Twin-chamber measuring unit; 8-digit totalizing counter; large, one-needle dial; and magnetic coupling (between the measuring drum and counting mechanism); gas pipe connection: inch thread.

TG & BG Accessories
TG accessories

 Accessories for TG Series including Thermometers, packing liquid, BG series Thermometers

Manometers, LCD counters, safety valves for TG and BG series. Pulse Generators, HPLI.

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