Dirty Liquids, Slurry, Waste

Our flow meters are capable of measuring the flow of both gas and liquid however, certain flow meters are better suited to certain applications. This is because each application has different characteristics, such as their operating pressure, temperature, density and conductivity and specifically, particles.

Below you will find our selection of flow meters that are best suited for measuring the flow of dirty liquids, slurry or waste. Used in the production and farming industries for example, our high-quality flow meters have the components to handle such impurities and provide accurate measurements.



The Ultrasonic flow meter is best suited to measuring the flow rate of dirty liquids, slurry and waste. It determines the flow velocity by using ultrasonic waves that pass through the flow, measuring the travelling times or the frequency shift of the ultrasonic wave.

These flow meters have the ability to measure many different viscosities, from low viscosity materials like water to a certain amount of solids content too.

Ultrasonic Ultrasonic flowmeters measure the travelling times (transit time models) or the frequency shifts (Doppler models) of ultrasonic waves in a pre-configured acoustic field that the flow is passing through to determine the flow velocity. The Sierra range of ultrasonic (transit time) Innovasonic devices are available, click for details. Litre Meter has access to other ranges but the Innovasonic is relatively unique as not only are fixed and portable ultrasonics available but also insertion devices for tougher applications. Perfect for clamping on the outside of plastic or metal piping ultrasonic flow meters can measure water and other liquids over a range of velocities and with a certain amount of solid content. 25mm to 10000mm;±1.0% of reading (also 0.5%); 0 to ±40 ft/s (0 to ±12 m/s).