Litre Meter specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of flowmeters. Within the range of flowmeters that we distribute are the Sierra, KEM and Ritter flow meters. Sierra are the only flowmeter company in the world who manufacture capillary mass flow meters as well as industrial insertion meters based on thermal flowmetering principles. KEM manufacture turbine and coriolis meters for gas. Ritter only manufacture gas meters including the laboratory grade MGC, TG series and Bellows Gas meters. Listed below are all the flow meters within our range that are suitable for air:

Thermal Mass Capillary
Thermal Mass Industrial

The immersible thermal sensor is completely immersed into the flow stream. As a result, immersible thermal mass flow meters measure much higher gas mass flow rates in harsher environments than capillary thermal mass flow meters. There is very little pressure drop across an immersible sensor, and the flow does not have to pass through the LFE as it does with a capillary thermal mass flow sensor. Available from Sierra in either inline flow bodied or insertion flowmeter styles. In-line mass flow meters from 0 to 0.7 nm³/h to 0-20000 nm3/h, +/-1% of reading; insertion flowmeters up to 72", +/- 2% of reading.


Vortex and other types of “oscillatory” flow meters utilize the behaviour fluid oscillations in order to derive flow rate. This technology works by inducing fluctuations in the fluid properties such as pressure, density or viscosity which can be converted into a flow rate. These flowmeters are normally calibrated on water. No moving parts and relatively tolerant to particulate flow these find many applications where temperatures are high or where other more traditional flowmeter technologies are out of spec. +/- 1.5% rate, 1/2" to 8" and insertion.

Gas Wet Drum Ritter manufacture a range of gas meters including the TG series drum-type, BG series bellow type and the unique MGC Milli Gas Counter.
Turbine Inline 'axial' turbine flowmeters are velocity measuring devices - they measure the average velocity of a fluid flowing through the body of the meter. Mounted within the body of a gas turbine flowmeter is a vaned rotor. The rotor is centred on a shaft and allowed to rotate on bearings. The shaft is supported in the housing by tube bundles that also provide a measure of flow conditioning for the fluid stream. Good for gas flow metering particularly at higher pressures. Wide size range and excellent accuracy. 0.15 to 3.5 up to 200 to 12,000 ACFM. ±1% reading - typical. ±0.25% repeatability.