Litre Meter specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of flowmeters. Within the range of flowmeters that we distribute are the Sierra, KEM and Ritter flow meters. Sierra are the only flowmeter company in the world who manufacture capillary mass flow meters as well as industrial insertion meters based on thermal flowmetering principles. Listed below are all the flow meters within our range that are suitable for HVAC heating ventilation and air conditioning:

Thermal Mass Capillary The Capillary Thermal principal of operation is based on heat transfer and the first law of thermodynamics. During operation, process gas enters the instrument’s flow body and it divides into two flow paths. The vast majority of the gas flow passes through the Laminar Flow Element (LFE) bypass. A very small portion of the total flow is diverted through a small “Capillary” sensor tube with an ID between .007 to .028 inches. This technology is ideal for gas flow measurement and gas flow control. Flowmeter accuracy: ±1% of full scale. From 0.1 to 4 sccm up to 1000 slpm.
Thermal Mass Industrial For gas flow only: The immersible thermal sensor is completely immersed into the flow stream. As a result, immersible thermal mass flow meters measure much higher gas mass flow rates in harsher environments than capillary thermal mass flow meters. There is very little pressure drop across an immersible sensor, and the flow does not have to pass through the LFE as it does with a capillary thermal mass flow sensor. Available from Sierra in either inline flow bodied or insertion flowmeter styles. In-line mass flow meters from 0 to 0.7 nm³/h to 0-20000 nm³/h, +/-1% of reading; insertion flowmeters up to 72", +/- 2% of reading.
Digmesa From the stringent hygiene requirements of the manufacturing process to simple dispensing measurement at point of sale the industry relies on flow measurement. The Digmesa range of technologies offer cost effectives solutions for many applications. Whether you require beer or cold drinks dispensing, cellar auditing systems, coffee makers (industrial and domestic) or flowmeters for vending machines these meters can help. Ideally suited for low pressure ink flow measurement using plastic bodies from Arnite, PEEK or PVDF. From about 30 ml/min to 30 litres per minute. Contact factory for details. MOQ 100 units. +/-2% reading, +/-0.25% repeatability.