Batch Control

Litre Meter specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of flowmeters. The unique Pelton wheel based meter design ensures an inherent reliability which has been proven in more than three decades of operation. Listed below are all the flow meters within our range that are suitable for batch control:

Pelton Wheel Also known as a radial turbine the highly efficient Pelton Wheel meter has some major advantages. The very large blade area compared with the flow inlet port size produces an exceptionally wide range flowmeter which can measure very low flows. The flow through the inlet of the meter is accurately directed onto the rotor which rotates at a speed in linear proportion to the flow rate. A small sensing coil detects the ferrites mounted in the flow meter rotor blade tips as they pass. No drag is imposed on the rotor which assists in the measurement of extremely low flows. Sapphire bearings provide a very low friction mechanically-robust bearing with long life characteristics. Turndown can be as high as 280:1. Ideally suited for low viscosity flow measurement up to 2" pipe sizes and larger. 0.003 to 500 l/min; ±2.0% of reading (also 1.0%); they provide a high frequency output which is ideal for batching. Acceleration at start of batch is matched by the light weight of the Pelton Wheel rotor. Once the flow has stopped the rotor continues to spin down for a short amount of time. The input from the flowmeter should be inhibited at the end of batch signal. For fast batching Litre Meter recommend running the flowmeter constantly and diverting the fluid into the batch and out again. In this way there are no acceleration or deceleration issues and batch time can be reduced to less than 3 seconds. Repeatability +/- 0.2%.
Turbine Inline 'axial' turbine flowmeters are velocity measuring devices - they measure the average velocity of a fluid flowing through the body of the meter. Mounted within the body of a liquid turbine flowmeter is a vaned rotor. The rotor is centred on a shaft and allowed to rotate on bearings. The shaft is supported in the housing by tube bundles that also provide a measure of flow conditioning for the fluid stream. Good for water flow metering. Wide size range and excellent accuracy. 0.24-17 up to 3028-56775 litres/min. Overrange 150% intermittent. ±0.25% reading - typical. Excellent ±0.1% repeatability lends the turbine flowmeter to batching applications.
Helical Screw

Positive displacement flowmeters, also known as PD meters, measure volumes of fluid flowing through by counting repeatedly the filling and discharging of known fixed volumes. A typical positive displacement flowmeter comprises a chamber that obstructs the flow. Inside the chamber, a rotating/reciprocating mechanical unit is placed to create fixed-volume discrete parcels from the passing fluid. The helical screw principle uses 2 counter rotating gears to form a continuous constant volume cavity. The SRZ is available exclusively in stainless steel.

Digmesa From the stringent hygiene requirements of the manufacturing process to simple dispensing measurement at point of sale the industry relies on flow measurement. The Digmesa range of technologies offer cost effectives solutions for many applications. Whether you require beer or cold drinks dispensing, cellar auditing systems, coffee makers (industrial and domestic) or flowmeters for vending machines these meters can help. Ideally suited for water flow measurement and typically used for batching applications. From about 30 ml/min to 30 litres per minute. Contact factory for details. MOQ 100 units. +/-2% reading, +/-0.25% repeatability.